Call for Proposals: The Private Debt Project


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Private Debt Project:  Call for Proposals

The Private Debt Project invites proposals for papers related to the study of private debt and its relationship to economic growth and financial stability.  Founded in 2016, the Private Debt Project is a project of the Governor’s Woods Foundation dedicated to advancing the study of the macro and micro-economics of private credit in the economy and its political, social, and cultural underpinnings and consequences.    

The Project seeks proposals for papers and extended research reports for 2019.  Honorarium will range between $1000 and $5000 depending on the length and depth of the proposed research and writing.  Proposals for larger special research projects are also welcome.  We especially encourage applications from junior and younger scholars doing original research.  Among the topics on which we would welcome proposals are the following:

  • Measuring the size and risks of the debt-based economy, including an examination of whether currently used indicators such as debt to GDP fully capture the risks of private debt;
  • The relationship between debt bubbles, credit cycles, and macroeconomic policy in the post-Bretton Woods era; 
  • The debate over endogenous money, debt, and the relative merits of financial and monetary sovereignty;
  • The effects of central bank balance sheet expansion on debt growth and asset prices on the one hand and the effects of central bank balance sheet reduction (QT) on the other;  
  • Comparative studies of debt in investment-intensive, high-savings economies versus debt in more liberalized, low-savings societies;
  • Research into the levels, profiles, and sustainability of corporate borrowing following the Great Recession;
  • The make-up, management, and implications of China’s debt load;
  • The economics of highly indebted advanced economies:  economies with concurrently high private and public debts;
  • Pathways for debt deleveraging and debt management in the Eurozone. 

We are both interested in developing stand-alone papers and medium-term research projects. 

Please send proposals or inquiries to  For more information on The Private Debt Project and its publications, please see 

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